I don’t have a victory song in mind, but if you were interested, victor-maze, this is the music that actually plays while I’m making office workers pee their pants.

Everybody in the Bursar’s office was like “where is that music coming from? ….IT’S AWESOME!”

sounds cool i mainly asked because by the last thing i literly imagined you pulling some victory dance like truk (from scrubs)

Well there’s always this.

The way to dance to this tune is to stand sideways to whoever is looking at you, then pump your fist in the air until someone presses A.

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Omg, GW was my life in middle school. It’s how I started writing: truly horrible GW fanfics. I was 13 and wrote myself into relationships with Heero. I’ve been meaning to rewatch it but haven’t had time lately. But I watch the movie at Christmastime


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I know that FF7 feel bro. *pat, pat*

(for those of you just tuning in, this gif isn’t from the original FF7 game, it’s from Crisis Core, which was a kind of prequel).

This is what I’m talking about. Cloud is twenty here. He’s twenty. He’s twenty but he’s still a sixteen-year-old kid from the country who gets airsick and is a little shy around people he doesn’t know and practically pees his pants out of starstruck excitement when the cool SOLDIER first class remembers his name and now that same SOLDIER is dying on the ground in front of him and Cloud is not ready to be alone and he has no idea what’s going on because the company that he thought was his ticket to stardom and military manliness just hunted down and killed one of their own, literally surrounded Zack and pumped him full of bullets and Cloud isn’t even sure why yet, only that he’s only sixteen and there’s a girl that he likes back home and he doesn’t want to die, he’s not ready to die, he can’t even begin to think about what they did to him in that lab or if there’s any place he can ever go to be safe, and he desperately wants to curl up into a ball and cry but he can’t, he has to be strong because there isn’t anyone else to be strong for him anymore. He’s completely and utterly alone and he has no idea what to do, only that Zack said that he has to live for them both and I don’t know if Zack knew what a staggering burden he was putting on that poor kid’s shoulders by saying that. Zack meant “get away from here and live a happy life,” but Cloud thought he was saying “you have to finish what I started.”

So Cloud takes all of these fears and just shoves them so down deep inside of himself he forgets who he even is because if he tries to be that scared kid again he’ll fall apart, so he becomes an ex first-class SOLDIER who could care less about… well… anything. 

And it would have worked, too, if not for the screaming nightmares and the flashbacks and the hallucinations and the voices and the passing out from stress with little to no warning beforehand. His friends try to fix him, and he is sort of able to come back to himself, but there’s really no mending what Shinra broke, and he knows it.


Omg, and you watch Gundam Wing too? Let me love you. :D

I watched GW as a teenager and was like “hahaha those boys are pretty.” I had a very, very loose idea of what was going on but I don’t think I’ve watched the entire series since then, so I don’t like saying “I’m a fan” because then people ask me about something that doesn’t have to do with the fact that Gundam pilots are chosen for their attractiveness and I’m like “whuh”

But I do like it, yes :3 and the dub of that series also started my decades-long love affair with David Kaye’s voice.

I was just idly reading some of the stuff on the final fantasy wiki on FF7

and was just hit with this sudden wave of “oh god I love that game so much I want to hug Cloud until he stops being a crazy person he’s too young he’s TOO YOUNG AND HE’S ALL ALONE AAAAAAA I’M CRYING”

You guys have heard my headcanon about the tanks in the shinra mansion basement, right? If Cloud was put into a tank at sixteen, then escapes four years later, he doesn’t come out as a twenty-year-old. He comes out as a terrified sixteen year old in a twenty-year-old’s body and I don’t think enough people understand this and oh my god I’m having an awful lot of feelings today

One of my coworkers recently came out as gay and literally everyone at work was cool with it except a guy he’d known for 5 years and was one of his best work buddies and this guy just stared and walked away and they haven’t chatted since. Ugh.

It’s always sad when a long relationship just suddenly breaks over something as stupid and small as that. 

I don’t know if I want to stop talking to Former English Teacher, but I might have to if she keeps making comments about things that I do to function as a normal human being.

I don’t have a victory song in mind, but if you were interested, victor-maze, this is the music that actually plays while I’m making office workers pee their pants.

Everybody in the Bursar’s office was like “where is that music coming from? ….IT’S AWESOME!”

So I play Words with Friends (Facebook Scrabble) with a former college English teacher of mine.

when I was in her classes, she was open-minded while still being wise, and gave me a lot of great advice at a time I needed it badly.

So years ago I friended her on Facebook and then abruptly discovered she was against same-sex marriage. It was pretty jarring.

Then during today’s wwf game, this exchange:

Her: *after I play a particularly good word* very good!

Me: Thanks :3 the ritalin helps my brain to work properly, lol

Her: That’s because it’s really just speed.

(I wanted to say, I don’t care what it is, it helps me function, it has very few harmful side effects, I would cut off my own arm if it made me into a normal person instead of this broken pile of traumatic childhood memories that I currently am, but instead I said:)

Me: Good stuff too! Go speed racer!

and so I guess the point of this story is people aren’t always who you think they are.


Y’all oughtta check out maplevogel's AMAZING prints! Wow. I want all of them. ;_;

This has been a public service announcement!


the notebook problem: you see a notebook. you want to buy the notebook. but you know you have like TEN OTHER NOTEBOOKS. most which are STILL EMPTY. you don’t need to notebook. you’re probably not gonna use the notebook anyway. what’s the point? DONT BUY THE NOTEBOOK. you buy the notebook.

Mom’s in a bad mood so me getting out of school later than her turns into her “having to be [my] chauffeur”

Okay mom. I’m sorry you’re having a bad time. Thanks for stepping all over my little personal victory today and making me feel like a burden again. Really helps.



Oooh look what I found on the platform in the London Underground



Oooh look what I found on the platform in the London Underground








when i find myself in times of trouble

terry pratchett comes to me

whispering sam vimes once arrested a motherfucking dragon

you are capable of literally anything

Sam Vimes once arrested two opposing armies to end a war.



Sam Vimes fought an ancient mind-controlling spirit and won. Sam Vimes killed a werewolf with his bare hands. Sam Vimes happily wears the awful lumpy itchy socks his wife knits him. Sam Vimes causes traffic jams in order to be home in time to read his baby a bedtime story. Sam Vimes fought at the barricades— twice. Sam Vimes waited until his interviewee had left and then put his coat over his head so no one could hear him laughing hysterically at her silly name. Sam Vimes is my hero.

Sam Vimes overcame a crippling alcohol dependency. Sam Vimes examines and confronts his internal prejudices. Sam Vimes lived in poverty because he was giving his salary to the widows and orphans of fellow officers. Sam Vimes cleaned up a corrupt police force and made it inclusive of the different ethnicities in his city.

Sam Vimes is my hero too.

He turned to leave, then seemed to have a thought. “Sergeant Dorfl!” he said, turning back. “D’you think you’ll believe in gods now?”

Every eye in the Watch House turned to the golem sergeant. “Not Gods, Yet.” said Sergeant Dorfl. “But Always Sam Vimes.”

- Mister Vimes’d Go Spare

do it for the vimes